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Sasha, Perth, Aditya, and Dennis Invited to Prestigious Roentgenium Winner’s Camp at the University of Cambridge

Our outstanding chemists have maintained our record-winning run by achieving the top Roentgenium awards (top 0.6% of all entries) in the 2023 C3L6 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge!

This is an incredible accomplishment, and I couldn’t be prouder of our hardworking students.

Huge congratulations to Sasha, Perth, Adi, and Dennis, who have been invited to the prestigious winner’s camp at Cambridge University at the end of the summer! This is an exceptional opportunity for them to further showcase their skills and learn from the best in the field.

Our team’s outstanding performance has earned us a total of 4 Rg (Roentgenium) awards, 13 gold awards, 7 silver awards, and 5 copper awards! This is a remarkable display of talent and dedication from each and every member.

We also have to give a special shoutout to Ashish and Jin, who were just one mark away from achieving the coveted Rg award! Your hard work and commitment are truly commendable.

Leo from our Pre A level Programme, sat the paper a year early and still managed to secure a silver award which is a fantastic achievement.

We are delighted to celebrate this incredible achievement and applaud the remarkable efforts of our young Chemists led by Vice Principal Dr Penny Robotham and Assistant Vice Principal, Charlie Turner.

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