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Keiran Lambert (Physics) and Sophia (Year 1 Top 5 college team)

A fantastic achievement by NatMatSci physicists at the AATP Physics Bowl 2021. Second place overall in Region 14 and one student top 100 globally.

The PhysicsBowl competition, hosted in the USA and entered online, is designed to identify the most talented and knowledgeable young physics students in the world. This year it was entered by more than 1000 different schools and exam centres globally.

To represent the huge range of geographical entries to the competition, scoring is broken up by region. There are 19 regions. NatMatSci competes in Region 14, which includes all of Europe, Canada, Mexico and the non-continental USA.

The competition is also split by year group, with separate categories for the penultimate (‘Division 1’) and final (‘Division 2’) years of pre-university study.

This year the overall NatMatSci team achieved Second Place overall in region 14, in both the Division 1 and Division 2 categories. This team score is calculated using the total marks of the top 5 students in each school. This shows the extraordinary depth of excellence of our physics students, across both year groups, who have once again competed successfully against the very best students anywhere in the world.

One of our students also achieved an individual award as one of the top individual scorers globally. Theerathut (Oat) was awarded a special achievement as being amongst the top 100 individual students to enter the competition globally.

The top 5 for the college team Year 1:

Oat, Ivan, Jonty, Sofia, and Albert

and for Year 2:

Yungjun, Alex, Pei, Mos and Bol

This is a fantastic result from our Physics department and we are tremendously proud of our students! 🏆

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