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Academic Poster

Our Students’ Research Projects Impress at the NatMatSci Year One Academic Poster Conference

At the end of spring term we held our Year One Academic Poster Conference, showcasing the outstanding research work of our students. The event took place on the school campus in Warwickshire, and was attended by students, staff, and special guests and we enjoyed some delicious canapes and pizza from our catering team.

The Year One Academic Poster Conference is an opportunity for first-year students at NatMatSci to present their paired research findings to their peers, staff and guests. The event is part of our STEM Communication Programme and aims to encourage critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and communication skills among students, as they learn to present their research projects in a clear and concise manner.

The conference featured a diverse range of research topics, covering a wide range of scientific disciplines. From biology and chemistry to physics and mathematics, the posters on display showcased the depth and breadth of the students’ academic interests.

Topics included:

📌How effective is Fluoride in toothpaste at killing bacteria

📌Investigating the antibacterial activity of spices against E. coli

📌 Does information failure affect our perception of food

”This was an amazing event – seeing our young people at
NatMatSci moving properly from learning science to being scientists”

Principal, Dr Andy Kemp