Admissions Process

NatMatSci operates on a selective entry basis, with entry upon the successful completion of the College entrance exams along with an interview with a senior member of staff.


This process helps the Admissions Team to decide if our College is the best place for you to study and which Programme will help you best achieve your full potential.


We require all prospective students to:

  • Sit entrance exams in Mathematics and English (in person or remotely)
  • Attend an interview with a senior member of staff (in person or online)
  • Provide a copy of their most recent school reports

Our Admissions Team will then consider your suitability to study with us, based on your performance during the admissions process, your school record and other factors. On successful completion of the above we will issue a Place Offer letter. To accept a place parents or guardians must complete and return the online Acceptance Form together with the refundable deposit, which will secure the student’s place at the College.


Mathematics Assessment

In the Mathematics assessment, we are generally focusing on topics covered in the Higher GCSE Algebra and Geometry parts of the course:

  • Quadratics, including: solving by factorising; the quadratic formula; difference of two squares; completing the square; features of parabolas; use of the discriminant
  • Algebra, including: simultaneous equations and points of intersection; simplifying algebraic fractions; laws of indices
  • Triangle geometry, including: Pythagoras’ theorem; trigonometry; the sine and cosine rules; area of a triangle given two sides and included angle; graphs of \(y=sin(x)\) and \(y=cos(x)\)
  • Circle geometry, including: area and circumference of a circle; circle theorems; area of a sector; arc length; volume of a sphere; volume of a cone
  • Sequences, including: sum of an arithmetic sequence and the formula \(1+2+3+4+\cdots + n = \frac{1}{2}n(n+1)\)
  • Properties of numbers, including: greatest common divisors and lowest common multiples; manipulating surds and rationalising the denominator

NatMatSci’s bespoke assessment is made up of 25 multiple choice questions, and lasts for 1 hour.  The questions are randomised and so they do not start easier and end harder. Calculators are permitted during the assessment.

Please click here to download some sample problems used in previous years, and click here for a copy of the syllabus.

If you haven’t tried it already you might want to attempt some of the questions on our maths quiz!

English Assessment

The English assessment is designed to gather information about English competency and skill level as well as giving us an insight into your critical thinking skills. The English Assessment is made up of two parts:
Grammar Test: Our Grammar assessment gives you the opportunity to show of your understanding of English language structures and grammar.
Writing Test: Our English assessment gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your critical thinking skills in English. You will have 30 minutes to complete the task, with no word limit. Some example essay titles are:
  • What do you think is the best invention in history? Describe the invention and explain why you think it is so important.
  • How do you think the world will change in the next 100 years?
  • How do you think science and technology make our lives easier?
  • Science is the most important school subject. Do you agree or disagree?


Following your assessments you will be invited to an interview and feedback session, in person or online, with the Principal or members of the senior team. During the interview we will discuss your mathematics assessment with you and find out more about you. It will also be an opportunity for you to ask us questions about College life. The interview will last a maximum of 30 minutes.



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