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A levels are highly regarded by universities around the world and A level study is designed for able, confident students who aspire to university study. At NatMatSci we have two programmes of study available: our A level programme (2 years) leading to A level certification and our Pre-A level programme (1 year) which builds students’ knowledge and skill base in Science, Mathematics and English, enabling students to join our A level programme the following year.

Pre-A Level 1 year programme, AGe 15+

Our Pre-A level programme is designed to act as a foundation for our 2 Year A Level programme, specifically for our non-native English speakers. During the year all students study:

The purpose of the Pre-A Level programme is to establish a firm foundation to enable students to thrive in the two-year A Level programme.  During the course of the year they will work intensively on their English language skills, and develop the practical science skills necessary to excel in A Level study. 

This is not a 1 Year IGCSE programme, but should instead be viewed as the first year in a 3 Year A Level programme, with the latter two years being the main A Level programme.Students will however sit accredited examinations in English (PET, FCE, IELTS) and Mathematics (GCSE Further Maths).

All Pre-A students are entered for a range of academic competitions including Olympiads and participate in the College enrichment programme, which includes the College Choir, our range of clubs and societies, academic and cultural visits to British heritage sites (e.g. Bletchley Park), and STEM activity days (e.g. Oxford Space Design.) Pre-A students also develop confidence, public speaking and leadership skills through our bespoke Belgrade Theatre Programme.

A Level 2 year programme, ages 15 – 18

All students study Mathematics and typically up to 3 other A level subjects selected from:

For our international boarding students, English language tuition and support through the IELTS (or suitable alternative) programme is a compulsory (and included) component of course. All A level students are entered for Olympiad competitions and participate in the College enrichment programme, which includes our clubs and societies; academic visits to local universities (e.g. STEM in Action Days at nearby Warwick University) as well as our Oxbridge schedule of events. Students may also choose to join the College Choir. In A level Year 1, students also develop confidence, public speaking and leadership skills on our Parliamentors Leadership Programme.

Pre-A Level Student Experience

Studying Pre-A courses in:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics, Biology, Chemistry
  • English

Next year, she plans to study A Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.

A Level Student Experience

Studying A Levels in:

  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

He aspires to study Computer Science at Cambridge next year.

Former Student Experience

Attained A Levels in:

  • Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics
  • Physics

Now studying Bio-Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.


Which is the right programme of study for me?


Our admissions process helps to guide our decisions on the best programme of study for each student. If you are unsure about which programme is right for you or you’d like some further details, please contact our Admissions Manager: Lara Hoffman, admissions@natmatsci.ac.uk +44 (0)2475 092 945



To arrange a personal visit or a convenient time for you speak to us , please complete the enquiry form below and a member of the Admissions team will contact you shortly.


If you are ready to start the admissions process  and arrange for your child to sit the entrance exam, please download the application form below and email the completed form and supporting documents to Lara Hoffman,  admissions@natmatsdci.ac.uk.
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