Welcome to our Medical Pathway Programme

Medicine is one of the toughest and most competitively sought-after degree courses in the United Kingdom.

The NatMatSci Medical School Pathway is a bespoke programme that focuses on developing evidence of excellence in the seven key areas necessary for a successful medical application:

  • Outstanding academic ability
  • An understanding and appreciation of the personal and physical demands, as well as the personal rewards, of working in healthcare
  • Demonstrable commitment to working in the healthcare sector including regular voluntary work experience
  • The requisite character attributes and soft skills
  • Experience of undertaking or participating in a research project

International students face additional hurdles as they are required to also demonstrate:

  • Excellent English proficiency
  • Understanding of the UK’s national health service and how this compares to other systems in the world.


Medical Expert Consultants and Work Placement 

We ensure medical students gain real life exposure to working in the healthcare sector through visits and placements organised through-out the year by our panel of medical expert consultants. 

In their first year of study, students: 

  • Regularly visit an NHS hospital or other healthcare provider
  • Guaranteed Summer work-placement at one of the leading London hospitals including  St Bartholomews and locally in Warwickshire.
  • Read our student Pierre’s, NHS work place experience story. https://natmatsci.ac.uk/news/nhs-work-placements/

Demonstrable commitment to working in the healthcare sector including regular voluntary work experience 

Through our close links with a variety of local healthcare providers including a centre for children with special needs, a doctor’s practice, home for the elderly, and a veterinary practice, our students have the opportunity to regularly volunteer, gaining invaluable work experience and demonstrating their commitment to working in a healthcare environment.

In their second year students are encouraged and supported by our Medical Expert Consultant Panel with securing additional work placements. Additionally, our medical students gain insight into the demands and rewards of working in healthcare through:

  • Regular discussions and mentoring sessions with our eminent medical consultants; and 
  • The weekly activities arranged by MedSoc, our student society for aspiring medics, which holds a variety of events and activities including: 
    • Reading group (medical journals, books, news articles)
    • Films, Ted screenings and lectures 
    • Visiting speakers 
    • Alumni visits to the school to share their personal experience.

Our eminent Consultants also provide 1:1 and group mentoring during which students cover a variety of areas of personal development, including, for example, bed-side manners, resilience and working under pressure. 

The  programme also includes specific IELTS preparation and examination with students on average achieving a minimum of 7.5. 

Experience of Undertaking a Research Project and EPQ

NatMatSci’s close working relationships with St Bartholomew’s Hospital (London) and University College (London) afford our students opportunities to gain valuable hands on research experience. 

Typically students undertake a research assignment during the Summer vacation at the end of their first year. 

Our students regularly participate in Zebrafish Research Projects run by UCL. The focus of the project can change yearly but recently it has included eye development, CNS asymmetry and behaviour assays. 

In Year 1, all students undertake an introductory course to the Extended Project Qualification, (‘EPQ’) which is highly favoured by world class universities and leading medical schools. 

As a Member of The Institute for Research in Schools (‘IRIS’), NatmatSci teaching staff and students have access to a variety of resources and support. 

Understanding of the UK’s NHS and how this compares to other systems in the world 

The Pathway ensures overseas students gain an understanding of the NHS through the following: 

  • Introductory Annual Lecture at Royal Institute of Anaesthetists, London. 
  • Our Medical Expert Consultants share their experience of working overseas with our students as part of the mentoring programme. 
  • All first year students are required to submit a research assignment on the topic of different global healthcare systems which is marked and assessed. 


Medical Pathway Programme Timeline

Fees and Application Process

For boarding information see the boarding section, fees and application process see boarding fees and day fees

Please contact admissions@natmatsci.ac.uk for any further questions regarding the programme. 

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