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The NatMatSci Podcast returns with our Head of Biology, Dr Steve Appleyard

We chat to Dr Steve Appleyard, our Head of Biology, about his journey in education and why teaching and learning is different at NatMatSci:

‘’So the learning and the teaching doesn’t just take place within lessons. It’s happening all the time. It’s in the corridors, it’s at break time, at lunchtime, it’s through conversations, it’s through academic clubs, it’s through chatting through Teams with students in the evening, as they’re working through their homework and thinking over the lessons from that day.

So it’s that kind of learning environment and being surrounded by other like minded learners, that makes it different and makes it more more conducive to academic excellence.

Walking down the corridor you come across different problem boards. Some some of them are Chemistry based some of are Physics based, some are Maths and some are Biology based and the teachers put these up on an almost weekly basis.”

Our Biology department has had a fantastic year: 100% A*/A for A level Biology, 4 Gold medals at The British Biology Olympiad and a silver medal at the International Biology Olympiad..

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