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We believe that teaching the content within the context of current applications and developments in medical sciences is the best way to engage students.

Students have the opportunity to participate in regular practical activities, write presentations based on peer-reviewed literature for a non-specialist audience and develop their analytical skills using current research.

In the second year of A level, students get practical experience of techniques rarely carried out in a school or college setting including PCR, gel electrophoresis and bacterial transformation as part of the Molecular Biology section of the course.



What you will study?

Pre-A Level

The Pre-A level year builds a foundation. This enables all students to start from the same base at for the A level programme.

Topics: Cell Biology, Biological Molecules, Mitosis and Meiosis, Digestion, Enzymes, The Nervous System, DNA, Homeostasis, Natural Selection and Evolution and Biodiversity.

A Level

Year 1- Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells, Molecular Bonding and Biological Molecules, Transcription and Translation, Enzymes in Action, Biological Membranes, Cell Diversity and Differentiation, Exchange Surfaces and Breathing, Transport in Plants and Animals, Communicable Diseases, Biodiversity II, Classification and Evolution.

Year 2- Communication and Homeostasis, Excretion, Neuronal Communication, Plant and Animal Responses, Biochemistry of Photosynthesis and Respiration, Cellular Control, Inheritance, Manipulating Genomes, Cloning and Biotechnology, Ecosystems and Populations and sustainability.

Exam Board – OCR.

Biology Enrichment at NatMatSci

All A level students (Years 1 & 2) are entered for Intermediate Biology Olympiad.

Students have the opportunity to attend lectures at local universities to broaden their knowledge of applications of Biology and attend conferences such as A level Science Live Conference, Birmingham.


Biology Department Highlights 

5 Awards for our Biologists in British Olympiad 2019


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