Board Game Night

This term we had our inaugural NMSC games night, hosted at the student residence. The students played ‘Werewolves’. Our student host reports on how the event:

Werewolves, first known as “Mafia”, is a fun strategic party game created by Dmitry Davidoff in 1986. The game is a struggle between two teams: an informed minority (the wolves) and an uninformed majority (the innocent villagers) to eliminate and win over one another. In this game, you are expected to reason and discuss with your peers and to be as secretive and deceptive as you can, for you cannot reveal your randomly-assigned role. Since its creation, Werewolves had spread to many schools and countries, becoming a classic party game in summer camps and school trips.

Can you spot the Werewolf?

Students at the NMSC had mixed opinions about the game at first, some was already familiar with the game, some had zero experience. Despite being the first time playing with each other, they pulled off two wonderful matches. A total of 15 students joined in, and it was undoubtedly great fun. After about 2 hours and 2 games, we ended up with one win for the wolves and one for the villagers. Most students seemed to have enjoyed it. As the moderator that day, I was pleased with how willing people were to cooperate and I certainly had fun watching everything happen from behind the screen. There were some minor problems with people misunderstanding the rules or within the discussion, but I’d say the first trial was a great success.

I would like to address a big thank you to Mrs Warren for listening, accepting and helping to facilitate the game, to the wardens for gathering up everyone and watching us play, to Viviann and Martina for their help, and to everyone who joined that day.

Written by Skittles.