NatMatSci provides boarding students with facilities and care of the highest standard to enable them to thrive in their academic studies and in the wider life of the College. 

We operate boarding in compliance with the National Minimum Standards for boarding schools and exceed those standards wherever possible.

At the National Mathematics and Science College, we are responsible for providing a safe, healthy, comfortable and happy environment in which students feel they have a home from home. This includes learning a sense of respect for others, regardless of language, appearance, race or religion and for those who may differ from them by way of gender, age or education. We are a truly international school and we uphold tolerance and respect for others.

The atmosphere within boarding is welcoming and it allows students to make friends easily, whilst establishing their own identities. Approachable boarding staff help to create a secure and happy environment in which boarders make friends for life, have a sense of community and develop increased independence, self-reliance and self-esteem.

Within this sense of community, boarders need to develop their social awareness and consideration for others. We aim to ensure students are supervised in a structured and disciplined but friendly and protective environment whilst maintaining the health, security and general psychological well-being of students, to nurture them and ensure they are in the best frame of mind to study optimally.

College aims are to ensure that:

•     Boarders feel part of an extended family, which enables them to develop strong relationships with one another and with boarding staff, fostering a sense of responsibility and enjoyment.

•     Borders respect each other and learn about other cultures and values from each other.

•     We provide a happy, home-like atmosphere that safeguards and promotes the welfare of each student.

•     We create a welcoming atmosphere in the residence to ensure students can make friends easily, while also establishing their own identity.

•     We treat all boarders as individuals.

•     There is a structured daily routine in keeping with the demands of the schoolwork and adequate free time to meet the students’ needs for time to relax.

•     Rules are made clear to students and are observed by them for their safety, comfort and respect for others.