Welcome to boarding at NatMatSci

Our Boarding Team is in residence at The Oaks, providing round the clock support and supervision for students. They are responsible for the comfort, welfare, and safety of all boarding students. Our aim is to create a welcoming, open and trusting environment for our students.

All our Boarding Team members are professional, experienced, friendly and approachable. They come from a range of background within the academic, residential, and hospitality sectors. Our team know all our students individually and support and assist them in all aspects of life in the UK.


Boarding is very much at the heart of the College and influences the ethos of the whole College community. Our intention is that the strengths of boarding will be the friendly family atmosphere and the programme of activities, trips and social events. Boarding will operate on a basis of trust and respect in which every individual boarder is valued and encouraged to develop their full potential in all areas of life.


Meet our Head of Boarding

Residential Warden
Cassandra Earle
Boarding Manager
Residential Warden
Residential Warden
Residential Warden
Residential Warden
Residential Warden
Residential Warden

Our Boarding Manager is responsible for ensuring that our boarders receive the highest level of care during their time at NatMatSci. Working with the Boarding Team, the Boarding Manager manages the running of Residence. This involves liaising with the teaching and senior staff on issues affecting boarders’ health and wellbeing and ensuring that parents, students, and staff are kept informed of the College’s practices and procedures. The Boarding Manager along with the Boarding Team ensure that all students receive a full induction into the residence.

Boarding Team

The team are responsible for the day to day running of the Residence and for the welfare of the boarders and work together to provide 24-hour supervision for the boarders. This involves taking care to ensure the boarders have received a full induction, carry out weekly room checks and meetings with boarders, and liaising with the Boarding Manager, teaching staff and the College Counsellor about their boarders’ progress and wellbeing.

The Boarding Team is trained in all aspects of Safeguarding Children and Child Protection please see Policies. Our staff take part in regular training and CPD. They are all First Aiders, and all have safeguarding training, as well as administration of medicines and Fire Safety training.

A secure sign-in/sign- out system is in place and all boarders can contact staff  in person and by phone 24 hours a day.

The boarding team receives training in all aspects of safeguarding children, including Prevent (Channel and WRAP), e-safety, anti-bullying, behaviour management, fire safety and first aid, including the administration of medication.

The boarding team are alert to children’s vulnerabilities and this is especially applicable in a residential setting where risk of harm and knowing how to implement safeguarding children procedures are integral to day-to-day practice.

Our Boarders

We aim to create an open and trusting environment in which every boarder knows that they can approach a member of staff, of their own choice, confident in the knowledge that they will be listened to sympathetically and respectfully and that their concerns will be addressed appropriately.

The boarding community is co-educational, from a wide range of different nationalities (Vietnam, Russia, Korea, Nigeria, India, Belarus, Latvia, China, UK, Malaysia, Ukraine). The boarding community comprises of students of a high academic standard who play an active role in all aspects of College life

The English as Additional Language (EAL) Department plays an important role in both the academic and pastoral care of international borders.

Unlike a traditional boarding school where life is limited to the school premises, NatMatSci’s residence is located in the heart of leafy Warwickshire and in easy reach of  Coventry, Leamington Spa, Birmingham and London.

Our students are encouraged, under the supervision of our team,  to make the most of their free time to explore the cultural amenities close by.

Coventry shopping

Care and Guidance: Our One to One Approach

Parents can be assured that at NatMatSci we regard the safety, care and guidance of our students as our primary responsibility. Students are the beating heart of our organisation: their academic success can only be guaranteed with comprehensive pastoral care. The team  are in residence  providing 24-hour security and will supervise the students’ residential comfort, welfare and safety.

Form/Pastoral tutors

At NatMatSci we ensure a healthy balance between independence and supervision. Each student is assigned a Form Tutor who will negotiate with individuals the right balance between independence.

NatMatSci is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of students and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. It is our aim that all students fulfil their potential and supervision for them as they progress through the College.

This relationship is at the heart of NatMatSci’s approach to education and personal development..

The Boarding Team work closely with teaching staff and Form/Pastoral tutors to monitor the boarders’ progress and to support the boarders as required.

Study Time

Study time is an important part of the boarder experience and is compulsory for all students.

Study time takes place Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening  between 7.00 – 9.00pm. It is supervised by the Boarding Team . Students must keep their bedroom doors open during this time and must study quietly or with headphones on.

The team work closely with Form/Pastoral tutors to monitor the boarders’ progress and to support the boarders as required.

Study time at the residence

Social Calendar, Activities and weekends

Boarders are encouraged to access as many activities as possible; staff arrange activities for the boarders which take place in evenings and weekends. These include movie screenings, quizzes, pizza nights and games. There are also trips to local landmarks, museums and galleries, and excursions to other areas of the UK.

Our students competing against the NatMatSci Maths and Physics teachers team at Escape Room, Coventry.

Choir and sport activities on Saturday afternoons are organised for students to experience a diverse range of activities and experiences. We expect boarders to be participating in activities and to hear their feedback on these.

Our Student Events Committee organised a Coffee Morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support – we have some excellent bakers!

Coffee Morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support organised by our Student Events Committee

GP Registration

All boarders are registered with the local GP when they arrive, and NHS numbers are recorded on our database. Appointments can be made Monday – Friday by contacting the practice and requesting a call back from the doctor, usually within 1 hour.

If an appointment with a doctor is required in the evenings or at weekends, boarders will be taken to the minor injuries unit at the Coventry Walk In Centre . A member of the Boarding Team will accompany boarders to their appointments.

Other local services include a dentist, orthodontist, and opticians. The Boarding Team will book appointments for the boarders as required.

We are very happy to answer any questions you may have regarding boarding and invite you to visit our residence, please contact our Admissions Manager, Lara Hoffam : l.hoffman@natmatsci.ac.uk