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Late last term, our Year 2 physicists (and a keen volunteer from Year 1) sat the British Physics Olympiad Round 1 examination. This is a really challenging paper, designed to test the abilities of the brightest young minds.  Some of the questions are based on concepts encountered at A-level; in others students are given information about a new area of physics and asked to apply it. 

The examination is scored competitively – awards only go to the students who achieve the highest marks.  Our students received their results in January and have once again performed superbly.  85% of results were at Bronze Award or above, putting these students at the top of their cohort. 23% of results were Gold Awards, even though only around 200 of these are given out across all schools. 

Our particular congratulations go to Gun for his Top Gold award, putting him amongst the top 50 students who sat the paper, and to Ivan (our chess enthusiast) for his Bronze 1 Award despite taking the paper a year early!

Go NatMatSci physicists!

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