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Chemistry is an exciting, relevant and challenging science providing answers to everyday questions through a practical and problem-solving approach and chemistry graduates are logical, analytical and natural problem solvers.

A-level Chemistry is currently an essential requirement for anyone planning to study:

medicine, veterinary science, natural sciences or dentistry at British universities. 

Successful chemistry students need to be able to link key concepts and support their ideas with evidence and mathematical precision.

The course is highly practical-based where new concepts and ideas are explored through a ‘hands-on, minds-on’ approach. We have state of the art laboratories with high-specification equipment including Motic Microscopes and interactive whiteboards.

What you will study?

Pre-A Level

The Pre-A level year develops the foundations and skills that can be transferred to concepts studied later in the course. Students are exposed to practical work throughout the course, whilst developing fundamental ideas to be a successful chemist.

A Level

Atomic structure and bonding, Introduction to organic chemistry, Electrochemistry, Introduction to kinetics, Quantitative Chemistry and Biodiversity.

Year 1– Introduction to inorganic chemistry. Energetics, Periodicity, Organic chemistry: Alkanes, halogenoalkanes, alkenes, and alcohols, Redox chemistry, Group 2 and Group 7 chemistry.

Year 2– The course builds upon the foundations of Year 1 by extending students’ ideas about organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. Kinetics, Equilibria, Acids and Bases, further organic chemistry: carbonyl chemistry, arenes, nitrogen chemistry and organic synthesis, thermodynamics, transition metal chemistry, and electrochemistry.

Approximately 15% of the total A-level marks available focus on practical skill competency: students are required to complete a minimum of 12 core practical activities over the 2-year course.

Chemistry Enrichment at NatMatSci

All A level students (Years 1 & 2) are entered for Round 1 of the UK Chemistry Olympiad.

All Year 1 students are entered for the C3L6 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge and two teams of Year 1 students per year are entered for the RSC Analyst Competition held in February.

Students attend academic lectures to broaden their knowledge of applications of chemistry and participate in visits to local universities. They also attend the RSC Spectroscopy in a Suitcase project, as well as the A level Science Live Conference.


Chemistry Department Highlights

Student Selected for UK Chemistry Olympiad Team 2019

29 Medals Awarded to NatMatSci Chemists 


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