College Successes in the Pink Kangaroo Competition

Kangourou sans Frontières is an independent association, whose purpose is to organise the annual Kangourou contest with the aim of promoting mathematics among young people around the world. Several of our students took part this year and our mathematics teacher Tunde Warren has some exciting news to share:

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that David, Kirill, Andy and Sophia have not only received a gold certificate for their participation in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge but also got through to the second round of the competition called Pink Kangaroo. They all performed exceptionally well in this round. Sophia and Andy achieved a participation certificate whilst Kirill and David were awarded a merit. The highest score was achieved by David. Many congratulations!”

Pink Kangaroo Winners 2018

Find out more about the Kangourou sans Frontières association here.