Biology is the science of life and one that makes regular headlines related to medical breakthroughs, genome technologies, conservation, and climate change.

Biology gives you access to a range of science-based careers, so it is ideal if you are unsure of which career to choose. An understanding of Biology helps to prepare you to study MedicineDentistry or Veterinary Science at university, as well as courses such as Biomedical ScienceBiochemistry, Ecology, Zoology, Botany, Physiotherapy, Environmental Science and Agriculture.

The course at NatMatSci is one that follows a narrative and leads to a holistic understanding of the subject. The aim is to create students capable of applying their understanding to unfamiliar contexts. Lessons incorporate online learning spacespeer teaching, and practical activities and teacher-led presentations. In addition, students also take part in Oxbridge-like tutorials where we discuss a related research article or analyse a set of data.

What will you study?


Enables students to improve and develop their biological vocabulary, allowing them to springboard onto the A level programme.

Topics: genetics, microscopy, histology, plant biology, enzymes, digestive system, circulatory system, respiratory system, immune system, hormonal and nervous control, reproduction and inheritance, ecosystems and climate change.



Year 1- Topics: The causes and treatment of cardiovascular disease,  genes and health, the physiological and cytological changes associated with Cystic Fibrosis, genetic inheritance and the structure of proteins, cell structure, the cell cycle and the role of DNA, cell specialisation and epigenetics, evolution, adaptation, natural selection, conservation, measuring biodiversity and plant anatomy. 

Year 2 – Topics: Ecosystems, photosynthesis, climate change, enzyme action, speciation and evolution, immunity, infection and forensics, genetic profiling, disease development and the immune system, the impact of exercise on the body, the mechanisms of homeostasis, the nervous system and role of the brain, and the effect of Parkinson’s disease.

Exam Board – Edexcel Salters Nuffield A level.


In Year 1, students take part in both the Intermediate Biology Olympiad and the Biology Olympiad. There is also a visit to Oxford University to hear from current Biology undergraduates and visit the Museum of Natural History to collect data for a study on Evolution.

In Year 2, students take part in Biology Olympiad for the second time. They also visit Warwick Biosciences to perform an investigation into gene activation in bacteria and later on a study of fly genetics.

Students also have the opportunity to attend lectures at local universities to broaden their knowledge of applications of Biology and attend conferences such as A level Science Live Conference, Birmingham and the Biology in Action series of lectures held at nearby Warwick University.


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