Preparation for Medicine Programme

Medicine is one of the toughest and most competitively sought-after degree courses in the United Kingdom.

NatMatSci’s Preparation for Medicine Programme is takes our A-level programme and creates a wrap-around programme of resources and activities that specifically to support students looking to apply for medicine and medical related fields such as biomedical science, dentistry and pharmacology.

All students on the Preparation for Medicine Programme study alongside the students on the A-level programme, completing A-levels in Chemistry and Mathematics, alongside up to two other subjects, usually including Biology.  Should students’ aspirations change during the programme, it is simple for them to move out of the Preparation for Medicine Programme and continue their A-level studies.

What you need to become a medic...

The NatMatSci Preparation for Medicine Programme is a bespoke course that focuses on developing evidence of excellence in the key areas necessary for a successful medical application:

  • Outstanding academic ability
  • An understanding and appreciation of the personal and physical demands, as well as the personal rewards, of working in healthcare
  • Demonstrable commitment to working in the healthcare sector including regular voluntary work experience
  • The requisite character attributes and skills
  • Experience of undertaking or participating in a research project

International students face additional hurdles as they are required to also demonstrate:

  • Excellent English proficiency
  • Understanding of the UK’s national health service and how this compares to other systems in the world

The NatMatSci Preparation for Medicine Programme brings together immense expertise through a range of partners:

Our Medical Experts

  • 1:1 and group mentoring
  • Leading workshops on medical ethics
  • Lectures including ‘How to choose a Medical School’
  • Interview practice
  • Reading materials guidance
NatMatSci Academic Teaching Staff

  • Academic Excellence (A-levels and EPQ)
  • BMAT and UCAT preparation
  • University and Medical School visits
  • Individual University and Medical School application support, including personal statement support
  • English Language Development including IELTS preparation
  • Understanding of NHS from a global perspective
Local Healthcare Providers and London Hospitals

  • Volunteer work during term time
  • Focus Day Visits
Warwick University Medical School

  • Introduction to Medicine Activities
  • Interview Practice
  • Personal Statement Workshop
NatMatSci MedSoc

  • Running a variety of events throughout the year including:
    • visiting speakers
    • medical reading club
    • films and online lectures
    • Alumni visits
    • Preparation for regional and national competitions
    • Ethical debates
    • MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) Training
    • Virtual and physical work experience placements
Research Partners

  • Vacation work
  • EPQ

Find out more about how the NatMatSci Preparation for Medicine Programme develops the evidence and experiences you need, in all the key areas, which are necessary for you to successfully gain a place at medical school:

Academic Excellence

The teaching methodology at The National Mathematics and Science College inspires and supports high ability students to excel academically and this is evidenced by our track record in STEM subjects.

Key to this success are our subject specialist teachers of distinction who, through working in small class sizes, ensure students receive the individual attention they need to fully understand the subject material as well as successfully achieve and exceed the A-level examination grades required by medical schools. Additionally, 1:1 additional support is available throughout the week, every week.

All practical teaching is carried out in our high specification laboratories with a strong focus on practical work. This enables students to develop their practical skills to a high level, which is a skill set highly prized by medical schools and universities alike.

Understanding What it's like to Work in Healthcare

The NatMatSci Preparation for Medicine Programme ensures our students gain real life exposure to working in the healthcare sector through visits and placements organised throughout the year by our panel of medical experts.

Our medical students gain insight into the demands and rewards of working in healthcare through:

  • Regular discussions and mentoring sessions with our medical expert team
  • The weekly activities arranged by MedSoc, our student society for aspiring medics, which throughout the year holds a variety of events and activities including:
    • Reading group (science journals, books, news articles)
    • Visiting speakers
    • Alumni visits to the school to share their personal experience
    • Enrichment lectures including neurology, histology and anatomy

Demonstrate Commitment to Healthcare

Through our close links with a variety of local healthcare providers including a centre for children with special needs, a doctor’s practice, home for the elderly, and a veterinary practice, our students have the opportunity to regularly volunteer, gaining invaluable work experience and demonstrating their commitment to working in a healthcare environment.

Character Attributes and Assessments

BMAT and UCAT are rigorous medical aptitude assessments favoured by the majority of leading UK medical schools.

Preparation for these exams includes taught sessions, regular timed practice, and discussion of past papers, and personal skills workshops.

Informed discussions on Medical Ethics throughout the two-year course.

We provide 1:1 and group mentoring during which students cover a variety of areas of personal development, including, for example, bed-side manner, resilience and working under pressure.

I found that my work experience has strengthened my resolve to study medicine. Perhaps most importantly, I feel well-informed about making the decision to apply to study medicine, as I know that I have experienced the field without the rose-tinted spectacles and glamour that both the media and society portray as existing in the field of medicine

Pierre - St George's Medical School (3rd Year Medical Student)

Experience of Research

In their first year of study, all students undertake an introductory course to the Extended Project Qualification, (‘EPQ’) which is an examined written research assignment of 5,000 words or by making an artefact, highly favoured by world class universities and a number of medical schools. We encourage all our medical students to complete the Extended Project Qualification as part of their medical school application process which takes place in the Autumn of their second year.

Past students have participated in Zebrafish Research Projects run by UCL. The focus of the Zebrafish projects change from year to year but recently it has included eye development, CNS asymmetry and behaviour assays.

Excellent English

For those who need it, daily English language tuition is delivered by our team of full time English language specialist teachers in small classes with 1:1 additional support for all students as required

The Preparation for Medicine Programme also includes specific IELTS preparation and examination with students on average achieving a minimum of 7.5.

Understanding of the NHS

The NatMatSci Preparation for Medicine Programme ensures overseas students gain an understanding of the NHS through the following:

  • Attendance of Focus Days, lectures and events
  • Discussions through MedSoc exploring international attitudes and approaches to medicine
  • Our Medical Experts share their experience of working overseas, contrasting the differences with the NHS, with our students as part of the mentoring programme.

The details of the Preparation for Medicine Programme vary from year to year but typically it includes a wide range of activities across the duration of the course including:

Year 1

  • Student Medical Society, MedSoc organises a series of talks, films and lectures as well as hosting a dedicated reading group that meets regularly each term.
    • MedSoc also organises visits to the NHS and other healthcare providers.
  • Lectures on How to Choose your Medical School
  • UCAS Advisors hold 1:1 meetings providing guidance, personal statement preparation and medical interview preparation
  • Students begin EPQ qualification
  • BMAT and UCAT training with individualised 1:1 feedback sessions on progress
  • 1:1 mentoring with Medical Experts
  • Opportunity for NHS work experience
  • Medical Experts lead a series of medical ethics workshops
  • Research Placements are arranged on a case-by-case basis.
  • UCAT exams are taken
  • Outside speakers and enrichment lectures, for example a lecture on neuroscience in preparation for the BrainBee competition.

Year 2

  • MedSoc activities continue
  • Final 1:1 consultations with Academic Mentor, UCAS Advisors and Medical Experts
  • Submit draft EPQ
  • Submit university and medical school applications through UCAS
  • Submit direct medical school applications, and international applications where appropriate.
  • BMAT exams are taken
  • 1:1 Mentoring with Medical Experts arranged on a case by case basis
  • Interview Practice with Warwick University Medics
  • Interview Carousel Practice with external interview panel
  • Submission of final EPQ
  • Presentation workshops

The NatMatSci Preparation for Medicine Programme is a comprehensive bespoke programme designed to give our aspiring medical students the best chance of success in gaining entry to a world-class medical school.


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