IELTS Success

The Integral IELTS programme provides a key supporting function for success at all levels of your academic career at NMSC:

  • A level examinations
  • Extended Project Qualification
  • University application
  • University success

Our English development programme has been designed to guarantee a real opportunity of success in the IELTS Academic exams. It is delivered as a two part programme:
NSMC’s Integral IELTS programme – for students with IELTS overall score of 5.0 and above
The purpose of the integral course is to ensure that you have the language skills and confidence required to meet university IELTS requirements when you submit your university application. This course is delivered as an integral part of the school timetable with a minimum 5 teaching sessions a week, including:

  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary tests
  • Writing practice
  • Reading practice
  • Grammar exercises
  • Listening comprehension
  • Written comprehension exercises
  • Using and explaining scientific data
  • Assignments to be completed independently
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Reflections and evaluations

Topics cover key IELTS examination areas including description and analysis of graphs and charts, scientific description and evaluation as well as current affairs, letter writing and cultural awareness.
Exam practice is a key part of our preparation programme with timed tests under exam conditions being performed periodically through the year. For those students applying to Cambridge University, interview practice is provided and guidance given to improve performance.
Small class sizes limited to a maximum of 9 students ensure the highest quality of teaching. We can offer one to one additional support for those students who need the extra tuition

Full immersion at NMSC

By living in England and studying in English you will benefit from being fully immersed in the language every moment of every day.
Whether you choose to live with a Homestay Family or board in NMSC’s Hall of Residence (available from September 2018) you can expect to experience the best of English hospitality and tradition.
The level of your skills in both Academic English and Social English will be significantly raised over the duration of your study with NMSC, leaving you prepared and linguistically equipped to start university with confidence.

  • All of our teachers are native speakers and have professional English language teaching qualifications recognised by the British Council.
  • All course books including grammar and exercise books are included in the fee
  • A library furnished with English newspapers and magazines is at your disposal
  • Classrooms are supplied with digital and audio-visual equipment for class and individual use
  • On-going Assessment

By working closely with the Academic Tutor, each student receives individual regular feedback and support. In this way, the progress of each student is carefully monitored and actively managed, ensuring the student is both happy and motivated.

GCSE English

Primarily aimed at 15 to 16 year olds, the Pre-A level Foundation Course aims to prepare overseas students for the A level Programme, offering a strong focus on English language development and cultural adjustment.

Course Aims

The key aim of this course is to help you adjust to the British Schooling system and acclimatise culturally and socially. By the end of this course, you will have settled in, made friends and:

  • Be capable of achieving A and A* grades in FOUR GCSE (IGCSE) subjects;
  • Have a good proficiency in the English language and Academic English, ready for the A level Programme
    Gain self-confidence;
  • Have lots of fun memories of your first year at NMSC to share with your family and friends.

Care and Guidance

The Care and Guidance of our students is our paramount responsibility. Each student at NMSC is supported by three adults to oversee different aspects of their personal and academic development.
One-to-one is essential for truly effective mentoring and we are proud to offer our students one to one time with both their Academic Tutor and Adult Mentor.

Andrew Sutherland, founder of Sutherland Education (a family run business now in its 50th year), will provide carefully selected premier Guardianship and Homestays by which students are cared for in supportive and caring family environments ensuring students are Safe, Happy and Successful.

Course Duration

One year, with start dates in September, October and November.
The Programme comprises structured lessons, outings, workshops, physical activity and social events 7 days a week In their free time, students will receive tasks that they will be required to complete and submit for assessment as well as valuable  “down-time” to be enjoyed together with their new NMSC friends.

Course Structure

English Language

The English Language programme requires that you study 3 English modules:
• IELTS focussing on grammar; reading writing and listening skills; and pronunciation.
• English for scientific education: Focus on Academic English, learning vocabulary and writing styles required for A Level and university study
• English language IGCSE:
-Study from a range of English, and culturally, diverse, texts and this will help you broaden your cultural and social horizons.
o Develop your skills in reading, writing speaking and listening so that when you begin the ‘A’ level programme you will be fluent, articulate and critical.
o Engage in lively discussions with each other and your teacher on a wide range of topics including literature, culture and current affairs.


  • You will sit GCSE (or IGCSE) English Language.
  • You may sit IELTS, but this is not a requirement.

Core Subjects

During the course you will study and prepare for the GCSE (or IGCSE) examination in Mathematics, and the Sciences (as well as English Language – see above). It is our aim that you will be able to achieve A or A* in all four subjects. You will be taught by the same team of outstanding teachers who teach the A level programme and in the same modern Teaching Block equipped with state of the art laboratories and bright classrooms and break out areas.

  • Drama – You will be taken on a theatre visit and have the opportunity to produce a small scale production under the supervision of a nationally acclaimed theatre company, The Belgrade Theatre.
  • Music -You will be taken to a concert and have the opportunity to learn an instrument.
  • Film – You will be taken to the cinema and have the opportunity of making your own videos or film.
  • Art – You will be taken on a gallery visit and will have the opportunity to attend a ceramic/art series of classes.
  • Literature – You will be encouraged to participate in a Reading circle and take part in a Shakespeare Workshop