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Mathematical Association

Dr Andy Kemp shares his passion for all things mathematical and educational in his new role.

The Mathematical Association is the oldest of the teacher subject associations in the UK.  It exists to support and promote confidence and enjoyment in mathematics for all.

Dr Andy Kemp, Principal of The National Mathematics and Science College, has recently been elected as Chair of the Conference Committee and Council member of the Mathematical Association. In this new role, Dr Kemp, will help plan and co-ordinate the Mathematical Association’s conference, and as a council member support the work of the association in creating a national community that has a love of mathematics and education at its heart –  in many ways a similar mission to that of the College!

Dr Kemp had this to say about his appointment:

“I am honoured to have been elected to this role of Chair of the Conferences Committee and Council member for the Mathematical Association.  It provides a wonderful opportunity for me to support the wider mathematics community in the UK, and to enable the College to build exciting partnerships within the mathematics world.”

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