Dr Robotham wins her 7th Olympiad trophy in a row!

NMSC is celebrating a 100% success in this year’s Lower 6th Chemistry Olympiad with ALL of its Lower 6 chemistry students finishing in the TOP 20%. Special mention goes to Gemini who achieved the highest award, the Roentgenium, placing her in the top 0.78% of more than 7000 students who entered the competition this year! She will be joining other Roentgenium winners who have been invited to a residential Chemistry camp at the University of Cambridge in the summer break. The course will be based at the University Chemical Laboratory, Corpus Christi College and St. Catharine’s College. It will be a tremendous opportunity to meet other first-rate students and to hone her chemistry skills. Gold awards were awarded to Eric, Nina and Joey and the two students who sat the paper one year early Coco and William.