Welcome to English

All international students at NatMatSci study English to enable them to access the content of their A level subjects and to prepare them for university.

The courses vary depending on the students’ level of English to ensure that every individual is challenged and improves. All four skills, reading, writing, listening, speaking, are developed and our small class sizes ensure that each student receives the support they need.



What you will study?

Pre-A Level

Students follow a General English course to prepare them for their A levels. At the end of the year, they sit either the KEY, PET or an English as a Second Language iGCSE examination to give them an internationally recognised qualification.

Topics include food, clothing, house and home, geographical features, hobbies, school, and movies.

A level Year 1

Students continue to learn English whilst focusing on academic skills such as essay and summary writing. At the end of the year, students sit either the First (FCE) or iGCSE English as a Second Language examination.

Topics include the environment, crime, ethical issues and methods of learning.

a level Year 2

Students prepare for the IELTS examination required for university entry in the UK. The course is highly academic with each student moving to an advanced or proficient level of English, whilst also developing their understanding of current affairs and the wider world.

Topics include gender roles, globalisation, poverty and obesity.

English Enrichment at NatMatSci

Students are entered for various creative writing competitions, the Mother Tongue Other Tongue poetry competition as well as individual project work. The study of classic English literature is incorporated throughout the courses and is supported by specialised reading classes. Novels studied this year have included Great Expectations and Frankenstein.

English Department Highlights 

NatMatSci English Students are published poets!


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