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Our Pre A level students share their experience of the STEM Communication geometry project

It was wonderful to have Alison Kiddle, a maths communicator from Cambridge University, work with our Pre A level Programme students on a week long geometry project as part of our STEM COMMUNICATION PROGRAMME.

Workshops included finding out how good ancient approximations for Pi and Root 2 were, discovering the hidden maths in everyday images, GeoGebra, making a good math video (thanks to James Grimes for sending tips) and some origami teamwork!

Words, Vadim, Student Pre A level Programme

First, we took part in several workshops on how to find and effectively communicate interesting topics in STEM. Then, we spent three days working on a project of our own in small teams, choosing, researching, and communicating an unusual application of geometry in science.

The teams put together videos, presentations, and academic posters on their topics using various tools and techniques they’ve learned about to make their presentations informative and engaging. The week finished with a session where the teams presented the results of their work in front of a large audience.

Words, Varvara, Student Pre A level Programme

The STEM Communication week was a very enjoyable and productive experience for me as a NatMatSci student. The project idea was specified on the application of geometry in real life, which is something that we don’t usually think about in real life.

It was very interesting to brainstorm future project ideas with my teammates and finally finding out the best idea of the Minecraft geometry, which became our project. During this week I really improved my STEM Comm skills as I learned how to communicate within the team, how to form my ideas into words and represent them in different forms, such as a video, a poster or a presentation.

It is really worth mentioning how supportive and strong my team was, that we presented the project in the best way we can. However, it would not be possible without help of the nicest and kindest Alison Kiddle – the organizer of the event – so many thanks to them for providing us with such a nice experience and knowledge!

Watch Varvara and her team’s project on Minecraft below: