Welcome to our Enrichment Programme

At NatMatSci we believe that to achieve the highest possible grades at A level, to develop a learning style that is suitable for success at one of the world’s leading universities and to achieve an IELTS score of at least 7.5 is not enough.

Enrichment activities are a key part of the student experience at the college, providing a counter-balance to the academic rigour demanded in their subjects. Our programme provides opportunities for relaxation for our students, whilst also helping them to develop transferable life skills and supporting their university applications. All NatMatSci students follow a rich and varied programme of Enrichment which encompasses:


Enrichment Programme Overview

Our aim at NatMatSci is to help all our students to develop as confident, well rounded young people who will make a difference to society. We strongly believe that a sixth form education should comprise activities both inside and outside the classroom to develop skills needed in College, at university and in their future. In this way, NatMatSci students will:

  • learn how to engage with students from other backgrounds and cultures,
  • develop leadership skills and learn how to work effectively in teams,
  • develop self-confidence and
  • become positive contributors to society.

Our boarders have access to information about events in the world outside of College (locally in  Warwickshire and further afield) and access to local facilities which are age appropriate. Additionally, the Enrichment Programme is designed so that it can support the requirements of the Extended Project Qualification, (where appropriate.) Our Enrichment Programme will take place at weekends and during the College day and will, in addition to the development of a student’s academic interests, contribute towards the development of a fully rounded young person. Our students regularly enjoy competing against the valiant NatMatSci teaching team; problem solving and battling their wits against against the clock at Escape Room Coventry.


Clubs and Societies

Students are encouraged to join a club which meets once a week. Examples of clubs and societies are:






University and Academic Visits

Each year, NatMatSci students visit key universities such as: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham Nottingham, Warwick and Bristol. NatMatSci has a network of contacts at many universities and in their world class research departments.

British Science Festival 2019

Our students attended the British Science Festival at Warwick University which included some very inspiring interactive events and lectures including ‘Are we alone?’ a lecture by Sarah Rugheimer (University of Oxford researcher in Astrophysics and the 2018 Caroline Herschel Prize winner for Promising Female Junior Astronomer in the UK. Sarah uses UV to interpret signs of life on planets orbiting stars beyond our solar system. 


Birmingham University Condensed Matter Physics Masterclass 

Our Year 1 A level students gained a valuable insight into what life at university is really like with a visit to Lapworth Museum of Geology  at Birmingham University  vand a masterclass in physics. The masterclass was delivered by the university researchers in condensed matter physics. Students heard of the big outstanding problems in physics today, which the next generation (including our students!) will hopefully be able to solve. Students were given a set of challenges and numerical problems to solve. These challenging questions gave them excellent practice in the type of questions they will face in university entrance exams.