2018 Destinations

  • 100% of our students received offers from Russell Group universities.
  • 89% of students took up places at Russell Group or leading universities overseas.
  • 11% chose to delay their entry to take a gap year.
University destinations included:

Bristol, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Imperial College London, Kings College London, Leeds, Nottingham, St Andrews, University College London, Warwick, York.


2019 Applications and Offers

The application process is ongoing for 2019.
At this stage 90% of students have received offers at Oxbridge and top Russell Group universities.
29% of students applying to and interviewed for Oxbridge have received offers.

Oxbridge Offers

Two of our students who received offers from Oxbridge reflected on their application process:

“I’m absolutely delighted to be offered a place to read Natural Sciences at St Catherine’s College ,Cambridge. My experience gained by learning from teachers, staff and fellow students of NMSC has been an integral part of my journey. I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to all the people involved in the college who have steered me in the right directions to come so far.
I would never have achieved my offer to Cambridge if I hadn’t been at this college.”
Rick C


“After almost a whole year of preparation of UCAS and interview training, I got an offer from Oxford St. Hugh’s College. I literally went crazy when I heard back from Oxford. The college offered me a great amount of help, such as choosing universities, drafting personal statements(for at least 10 times), training me for interviews and also, most importantly, encouraging me. I’m so much delighted to be in the college.”
Robbie C