Who can stay with Homestay families?

Students under the age of 16 must stay in Homestay. Older students may choose to stay with a Homestay Family, although students aged 16 and over can stay in our Halls of Residence.

Can my child change from Homestay to Halls of Residence?

If students are aged 16 or over and there is a room available, students can move into the Halls of Residence. If a student wishes to change accommodation for the next academic year, we ask that they meet with our Pastoral Coordinator to discuss this.

Once my child is 16 must they live in Halls of Residence?

Moving to halls is not obligatory and students can choose to stay with a homestay family throughout their time at NatMatSci.

What happens during the holidays?

Students can stay with their Homestay families in the half term holidays but are expected to return home during the longer holiday periods of Christmas and Easter.

How does the College help students to settle in?

There is a full induction programme of talks, tests, tours, and fun ice-breaking activities for all new students on arrival. Students meet with their tutors and fellow students and are buddied up with returning students to help them settle in. All students are allocated to one of our Houses. This helps them to get to know students across the College and across the year groups.

Does my child need to bring bedding?

No. All bedding is provided by the families in the Homestay. Towels are also provided for students although they may also prefer to bring their own.

What other equipment will my child need to bring?

Details of what equipment will be needed is set out in the Student Handbook and the Boarding Handbook which will be sent to all parents before the start of term.

Please note that stationary may be purchased in Induction Week.