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Shaping the Future of STEM Education: Mathematician Dr. Katie Steckles Joins NatMatSci’s Innovative Team!

We are thrilled to welcome Dr Katie Steckles, a mathematician, presenter, and exceptional communicator, as our newest addition to the NatMatSci family!

Katie earned her PhD in 2011, and since then, she has been a dynamic force in the world of mathematics education. She lectures part-time at Sheffield Hallam University in the Institute of Education, imparting her knowledge on complex numbers, cryptography, mathematical thinking, dynamical systems, and fractals. 🗣️

As an engaging communicator, Katie’s passion for mathematics extends beyond the academic realm. She is renowned for her captivating talks and workshops that showcase the beauty of math in everyday life. From schools to science festivals, BBC radio and TV appearances, music festivals, and even on the internet, Katie has left a lasting impression on countless audiences.

An innovator in the digital world, Katie is a prominent figure on various online platforms. She hosts the “24 Hour Maths Magic Show” on her YouTube channel and delivers engaging talks and training workshops, garnering over half a million views. Her presence on Numberphile and other YouTube channels has further contributed to spreading the love for math.

Katie is a valued member of The Aperiodical’s team, where she curates content, posts news and opinion pieces, and helps run the Carnival of Mathematics. Her “Mathematics of Life” column in New Scientist magazine and her blog posts for the Heidelberg Laureate Forum’s SciLogs blog have inspired many to explore the wonders of mathematics.

Beyond Mathematics, Katie’s creativity extends to various theater and entertainment projects. She organizes MathsJam, a monthly pub night for math enthusiasts, coordinates MathsJams worldwide, and helps maintain the MathsJam website. Additionally, she has been part of theater productions, showcasing math in unique and exciting ways.

Katie’s contributions to science engagement were acknowledged when she received the prestigious Joshua Phillips Award for Innovation in Science Engagement. Her dedication to science communication earned her the title of Science Communicator in Residence for the 2016 Manchester Science Festival. 🌟

The Mathematician in Residence placement at the NatMatSci, starting from September 2023, will undoubtedly bring an added dimension of enthusiasm and expertise to our students’ learning experience. Join us in welcoming Dr Katie Steckles to NatMatSci!

Her passion, knowledge, and creativity will undoubtedly inspire and empower our students to embrace the wonders of mathematics and STEM!