Maths Challenge Success

Each year, thousands of mathematics students from around the UK compete for certificates in the UKMT Mathematical Challenge. All of our A Level Mathematics students took up the senior challenge this year and a staggering 91% earned certificates. Among these were 4 bronzes, 3 silvers and 2 golds. A huge round of applause is in order for all those who took part, we have some fantastically talented young minds with us at the college.

Special mentions go to Valentino Lu, gold certificate winner and the best boy in the year, and our best in school: the formidable Gemini Ying. Due to her great performance, Gemini was invited to take part in the senior kangaroo, a challenging follow-on competition, and the results will be with us in the coming weeks. Good luck, Gemini!

The UKMT challenge is a memorable experience for many A Level students and a great way to engage students beyond the curriculum. For more information, visit the UKMT website and don’t forget to attempt some of our problems of the week.