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NatMatSci Webinar Series!

The NatMatSci-ber Webinar Series is back with a seasonal offering as we explore the magical work of Fractals.
Our Maths Department has had outstanding success with an unbroken 1record 100% A*/A for A level Maths so why not join our Head of Mathematics, Simon Haines, and experience first hand the NaMatSci approach to teaching maths.

Date:  9th December, 2020
Time:  2.00 pm GMT, UK Time (1 hour)

Click here to register now :

Zoom Link:

And at these times in the following countries : 🌏⏰
 3.00 pm Central European Time, Nigeria  4.00 pm Latvia and Ukraine
 5.00 pm Belarus, Russia (Moscow and Samara),  5.30pm India, Iran
 6.00 pm UAE  7.00 pm Uzbekistan 8.00 pm Kazakhstan
 9.00 pm Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia  
10.00 pm China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan 
11.00 pm Japan and South Kore

Suitable for:  Students with high school algebra (manipulating algebraic expressions, including factorising and algebraic fractions) and some trigonometry but can be enjoyed by learners of all ages.

To participate: Please have pen and paper ✍️ ready and a laptop or device.  💻