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MEI Maths Art

Pre A level maths students used Desmos to create these fantastic images.

Over the last few weeks, students in the Pre A level Programme have been preparing their entries for the MEI Maths Art Competition.

They have explored a wide range of ideas to bring the theme ‘The World Around Us to life.

Firstly, they learnt how to plot different graphs on Desmos and then used straight lines, quadratic curves and circles to bring their individual drawings to life.

Here are their entries as images and the links to their equations. These drawings have taken hours and hours of careful consideration to ensure that lines and curves meet at the required points: a monumental task.

Well done, everyone, on your fantastic effort, determination, and creativity! Your work is a credit to you and the college.

Tunde Warren, Maths Department, November 2021

Harry – Kobe Bryant -check out the equations


Adrian – After a Deep Rest – check out the equations


Maryia – Monet -check out the equations


Sofia – Planet – check out the equations


Donghee – Pikachu – check out the equations


Alex – Penrose Triangle – check out the equations