Our Mission

To educate young people in an international context, who are capable of achieving A grades at A-level and who wish to secure places in the world’s top universities; and who will become future leaders of their communities, business, and academic research.


Our Motto

Go further, come run with the swift.

Our Aim

It is our aim to provide all students with the opportunity to pursue their mathematical and scientific potential within a community of likeminded individuals who together form a caring and supportive community .


Our College Ethos

NatMatSci is expected to be a place where:

  • all individuals are respected, and their individuality valued;
  • students are encouraged to achieve;
  • self-discipline is promoted, and good behaviour is the norm;
  • rewards and sanctions are applied fairly and consistently;
  • bullying, disruption, and harassment are not tolerated;
  • early intervention is the norm;

The ethos of our college is such that all who come here are valued as individuals. Students are given clear guidance as to what is and is not acceptable behaviour so that they can develop their own moral code. It is important that each person is treated fairly and is shown respect by other students and adults. Students should never be allowed to feel that sexism, elitism, racism, etc. are acceptable. We expect all members of our college – students, parents, and staff – to adhere to the guidelines, requiring these to be applied consistently. All members of staff have an important role to play in promoting good behaviour.


Boarding Aims

Boarding is very much at the heart of the College and influences the ethos of the whole college community. Our intention is that the strengths of boarding will be the friendly, family atmosphere and the extensive programme of activities, trips and social events. Boarding will operate on a basis of trust and respect in which every individual boarder is valued and encouraged to develop their full potential in all areas of life.

At the National Mathematics and Science College, we are responsible for providing a safe, healthy, comfortable and happy environment in which students feel they have an English home-from-home. This includes learning a sense of respect for others, regardless of language, appearance, race or religion and for those who may differ from them by way of gender, age or education. We are a truly international school and we uphold tolerance and respect for others as basic principles of engagement.

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