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Vova, Vanya and Stanislaw Investigate ‘Riemann Integral in Higher Dimensions’ at MIT Conference

Three of our talented mathematicians have recently taken part in the MIT Mathematics First Annual Yulia’s Dream Conference. 

Yulia Zdanovska was a mathematician from Ukraine, who became a victim of a Russian missile at the age of 21. At that time, she had been working as a volunteer in her home city of Kharkiv.  During her school years, Yulia had gained great results in numerous international competitions of the highest level. She graduated from the National University of Kyiv and worked as an instructor for the “Teach for Ukraine” program. 
In honour of Yulia, MIT University Department of MathematicsPRIMES project has launched “Yulia’s Dream”, a free maths enrichment and research program for Ukrainian high school students.  

All applicants, including Stanislav, Vova and Vanya from NatMatSci, had to complete a set entrance task and only 30 students were selected to participate.  During the first phase, which was held during summer of 2022, students were divided into small groups and each group read a book on basic enumerating techniques.  By the end of the phase a small overview project was written by each group separately. 

Based on their performance, students were distributed once again into small groups, where they studied throughout the year more complicated topics, such as group theory, high-dimensional calculus etc. as a conclusion of the program.  The “Yulia’s Dream” conference then took place in May, where each team presented what they had completed. 

Stanislav and Vova presented on ‘Riemann integral in higher dimensions’. 

‘Although some concepts were challenging to grasp, it was very interesting and unusual to taste a bit of real mathematics.  Thank you to our mentor for your guidance and patience.  By the end of June, we will be completing a report with a more detailed description of the job we have done so far’. 

Vova, Year One student

Congratulations to all 3 of our students, we are very proud of them! 

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