My Life at NMSC – Ekaterina

My Life at NMSC by Ekaterina

Individual approach – that’s what distinguishes the National Mathematics and Science College from any other colleges. This year many highly intelligent and gifted students from all over the world started a new chapter of their live at the college. Undoubtedly, it is a very brave decision to go to a different country for the education and at the same time it is an opportunity that will lead us to new achievements and results.

It’s been a month since the beginning of the academic year and I personally feel home here. I’d like to share my experience of being a student at the NMSC so that future students have a better understanding of what to except from studying in our college.

What to expect from the National Mathematics and Science College?

Best Teachers in The World

Every teacher of our college is indeed the best in the subject they teach! I really love the atmosphere during the lessons when we are free to explore the subject, ask questions, and have discussions. Not only do teachers provide us with all the necessary materials, but they also make sure that we learn more and become more confident in the subject.

As our college focuses on Maths and Sciences, we learn how all the sciences work together. That’s why during Chemistry lessons we may refer to Physics laws or Maths theorems, and vice versa. I find it very useful as such approach helps us understand the world better.

Nurturing Environment for Improving our English Language Skills

As NMSC is an international college, English is the second language for many of us, including myself. Some people may be a bit worried about studying abroad if they feel less confident using English. This is indeed a challenge but it doesn’t affect studying at the NMSC because teachers here make sure everyone understands the material and provide us with assistance if needed. After two weeks of college I can see the difference – more and more students feel confident using English not only in the everyday conversations but also scientific terms during the lessons.

Not only do we improve our English, we also learn each other’s languages! Thus, we all know how to say “hello” in at least 9 languages!

Opportunities to Become Independent

Our college provides students with opportunities to immerse into English culture through living in a host family and being a part of the community or trying a hand at becoming more independent and getting ready for university by living in the Hall of residence right in the city centre of Coventry.

I live in the Hall of residence and I love it! We have everything we need and, what’s important, we can experience what life will be like when we are off to the university. Living on my own is challenging but it is a great opportunity to learn how to manage time more efficiently and plan the events ahead.

Caring Environment and Support

My parents are not worried about me being far away from home because they know that I’m safe and sound 24/7 thanks to our college’s staff. Students of our college can always share concerns and suggestions with the staff of our college and  know that we will be heard.

Leadership Development

As a member of the Student Voice Council, I represent my form at weekly meetings of the Council. We discuss suggestions from students on how to improve the college and then we implement ideas with the help of the administration. Being a Student rep is a big responsibility and at the same time a great opportunity for improvement. It is always rewarding to see the fruits of the work!

A variety of extra-curricular activities

The NMSC offers many activities for the students to enjoy after school. First of all, students of the NMSC attend Enrichment programme sessions during which we learn more about the history of the UK and our own countries. What’s more, every week we enjoy theatre sessions in Belgrade Theatre where we discover our inner strengths and learn how to present ourselves. I always look forward to the Belfrade theatre sessions because this is something I’ve always wanted to try and I’m so thankful that the NMSC provide us with such opportunities.

This year the college has launched the Duke of Edinburgh Award, a programme that allows students to grow and mature through learning new skills and applying them. Also, those students who enjoy playing musical instruments have opportunities to join local youth orchestras for the unforgettable experience of performing.

Students are free to explore other hobbies and extra-curricular activities on their own so the list can go on.

It’s only been a month in England but I see how much I’ve changed already. The National Mathematics and Science College is indeed the best place for students to flourish and develop!

I’m excited to see what the rest of the school year will bring us!