9 Medals for our Physicists in British Physics Olympiad 2019

All of our Year 2 A level and several keen Year 1 students sat the British Physics Olympiad paper in November with 14 students achieving certificates and 8 students, including some Year 1 students, achieving medals.

Out students achieved:

Commendations: 14
Bronze: 6
Silver: 1 
Gold: 1 – awarded to top 100 students only

Top of the tree were our two Oxbridge successes, with Rick scoring a Silver Medal and Robbie getting a Top 100 Gold – which qualified him to sit Round 2 this term.

To receive an invitation is extremely unusual; only around 50 students per year are allowed to participate in this extremely challenging paper. Selection is based on outstanding performance in the other Physics Olympiad papers. The purpose of the Round 2 examination is to select a team to represent the UK at the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) competition, which takes place each summer.

Robbie performed tremendously well on what was an extremely challenging paper. He was awarded a Silver, putting him in the top half of the entrants (rank 16 – 25 in the UK). Although he was disappointed to just miss out on selection for the UK team, he should be enormously proud of his achievements. Assuming he meets his A-level grade requirements, he will enter Oxford University in the Autumn as one of the UK’s top young Physicists.