Inaugural NatMatSci Art Showcase 2019

At the inaugural art showcase, students and staff gathered to enjoy the wonderful selection of art produced by NatMatSci students.

The event was a resounding success, with students enjoying viewing the range of art submissions and enjoying a selection of cakes and fruit juices.

There was a special, Principal’s Prize awarded to Year 1 student Pacey, for his exceptional video submission.

The full list of winners can be found below.

The judging panel would like to thank all students who entered the competition, especially for making the judging very difficult for us! Very well done to everyone who entered.

By the Art Judging Panel, Mr. Lambert, Ms. Haywood, and Ms. Haines

House Art Winners by Category

1. Robyn
2. Maria
3. Polina

1. Victor/ Nancy
2. Cecilia
3. Nora

1. Feranmi
2. Temmy
3. Joy

1. Bella / Pacey
3 Sherlock

1. Desmond
2. Dan
3. Nisharee
Funny – Vicky Candice

House Art Entries on the fraction of house that entered:
1. Cornforth
2. Noether
3. Bell Burnell
4. Geim