Awards for our Biologists in British Olympiad 2019

Ten of our students took part in the British Biology Olympiad this year, with five students achieving coveted awards. Our students achieved:

  • 1 Gold Award – awarded only to the top 7% of participants
  • 2 Bronze Awards – equivalent to the top 14.9% of Olympiad participants
  • 2 Highly Commended – equivalent to the top 16.8% of Olympiad participants.

One of our Highly Commended winners is in the first year of his A Levels, which is a truly exceptional achievement.

“The students had to complete two multiple choice papers covering a wide range of Biology topics over multiple curricular – a real challenge for the students only in their first year of A-level. All ten students performed admirably, congratulations to everyone that took part. Next year will be even better!”

Dr. Appleyard, Biology

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