Free Biology Webinar by Dr Steve Appleyard, 13th January

NatMatSci-ber webinar series returns for 2021 with a topical Biology class on the coronavirus. Our Biology department has had a fantastic year:

100%  A* – A results for A level Biology

100% Year 2 students gaining an Olympiad award
100% Year 1 and Year 2 students progressing to the regional finals of the UK Brain Bee

Join Dr Steve Appleyard for a topical and interactive class 🦠: –

”The Science of viruses: what are they, how do they evolve and should we be worried about new variant strains of coronavirus?’

⏰ 13th January 12.30 pm and 5.00 pm (UK London Time)

Click here to register for 12.30 pm session:

Click here to register for 5.00 pm session:

Suitable for prospective A-level students (or anyone) with some prior knowledge of biology.
💻 In order to participate, please have a laptop or ipad available.
🗣️ There will be opportunities to ask questions during the talk.

We hope that these free webinars will provide valuable academic enrichment for students at home due to lock down and a great introduction to students looking to study A levels with us.


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