Hypatia Maths Champion 2019

Our Hypatia Champion Yolanda with Mr. Haines, Head of Mathematics

We’re pleased to announce our 2019 Hypatia Champion is Year 1 student Yolanda who lost only 7 marks in the competition putting her in the top 16% in the world. When announcing Yolanda as our champion earlier today, our Head of Mathematics Mr. Haines commented:

“2019 is a great time to be a female academic and fittingly this year’s NatMatSci Hypatia Champion young woman with a very bright future.”

The Hypatia Contest, named after the ancient Greek female mathematician and astronomer Hypatia, is designed to give students an additional mathematical challenge during the school year, and one that requires full written solutions. Being able to do mathematics is an important skill; being able to communicate one’s findings in mathematics and in any other field is also very important.

The contest organiser, University of Waterloo’s Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, was very pleased this year to see another healthy increase in the number of participants in the Contest, with over 8,500 participants this year.