NatMatSci English Students are Published Poets

Studying at NatMatSci is not just about science and mathematics, we pride ourselves on innovative, applicable and relevant English language learning aimed at arming students with not only the skills to communicate effectively in English but also to expose them to the literary and cultural side of the English language.

Each year our English department enters students in English writing competitions to challenge students to stretch their creative use of English. Last year, seven students had their work published in the poetry anthology ‘The Poetry Games’ published by Young Writers.

English Teacher Nancy Bruce reflects on why poetry is a powerful tool for foreign language learning: “Learning a language is inherently a creative pursuit in which learners have to apply rules to ‘create’ sentences in a tongue which is not their own. Similarly, with poetry we all have a gamut of words, it is what we do with them that counts. We need to consider all sorts of preconditions before embarking on writing a poem such as the topic or theme, the tone of our voice, the types of meanings we want to portray and the techniques which best serve our purposes. These questions or choices are comparable with the choices we make when we want to communicate in a language which is not our own. To become more conscious of the choices we are making whether in writing poetry or communicating in a second language is an important process, and in my opinion, writing poetry can only help us to develop these skills.”

This year’s poetry writing theme is ‘Mission Catastrophe’ and students are busy preparing their entries ready for submission on December 21st.