Pre-A Soar in Mathematics Competitions

Over this term, the Pre-A students competed in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge and the  International Fermat Contest. The results obtained by the students are little short of incredible.

In the Intermediate Challenge, the students gained a glowing constellation of awards. With 14 gold awards (82%) and 3 silver awards (18%), they have a lot to be proud of. Victor, Desmond, and Yolanda were invited to the next round of the competition due to their high scores, and Desmond’s result was so impressive he has been invited to visit Cambridge University for one week to take part in their summer school. We look forward to hearing about his experiences.

The Fermat challenge is a tough contest: it is aimed at the top 25% of mathematics students around the world, and only the top 25% of these students (so the top 6.25% overall) are awarded a certificate. To earn a certificate of merit in this contest is a true testament to a student’s mathematical prowess. Eight of our students earned these certificates, and a special congratulations must go to Fedor and Yolanda who were tied for top place in the school, both earning this year’s Fermat medal.

Mr. Haines