St. Anton Ski Trip – Easter 2019

Over the Easter break, the inaugural NatMatSci skiing trip took place. The destination was the beautiful ski resort of St. Anton, deep in the Austrian Tyrol Mountains. The 5-day trip and was attended by 10 students and two of our teachers. Ms. Warren recounts their snowy adventures: 

In Transit
On arrival in Stuttgart, Germany we traveled by minibus down to Austria. A sea of sleepy heads dozed on the journey but awoke to the spectacular mountain scenery as we approached the Austrian border. The picturesque landscape, awash with brilliant white snow was amazing, especially for those who have never seen snow.

At our hotel, we were welcomed by our tour guide, Niki, before sitting down to a very welcome and delicious dinner. Much to the delight of Kirill, soup was served first followed by an excellent main meal and a delightful dessert. If the meals were all going to be as good as this the omens looked good for a great holiday!


On the first day we received our skiing equipment: boots, skis, helmets and poles. We were split into two groups beginners and advanced skiers and we were met by our ski-instructors, Nica and Alan. We were fortunate with the snow, there was a lot of it and we had glorious sunshine. After about three hours of non-stop skiing, falling, getting up, skiing etc, we needed a break and more than anything; a drink. We were parched!

In the afternoon most of the group skied for another two hours and arrived back at the hotel exhausted. Robbie and I wanted an extra challenge at the end of the day, so we skied right down to the bottom of the slope from the top of the mountain. It felt good, but we could not move our legs by the end of the day!
In the evening we went bowling and played snooker in the evening. A really brilliant first day!


We were up with the larks or at least a thunderous knocking on the door for those of us who find getting up hard, and then off for an early Austrian breakfast which included ham, salami, cheeses, yoghurt, fruit, tea, coffee, and cereal. It set us up nicely for the challenges of the day ahead. After our successful first day, we’d become old hands at ski preparation and were ready a lot quicker, making sure that we had all the necessary documents: ski pass, emergency contact details and depo number not forgetting the Instagram account details of course!

Jack and Will moved up to the advanced group after just one day of skiing, which is a great achievement. We had another beautiful day with more fantastic skiing.
In the evening after a delicious supper, we finished off the day with a trip to the ice cream parlour.


By day three we knew the routine:

  • Breakfast at 7.15.
  • Ski bus at 8.20.
  • Fabulous skiing during the day.
  • Games and relaxing in the evening.


On day four Kirill moved into the advanced group after just 3 days skiing. He was an excellent addition to the group easily coping with the demands of the day.

By now the weather had changed and we had lots of fog and poor visibility on the slopes so we needed to make sure that we kept together at all times so that we didn’t lose anyone – even though we tried! It was quite scary skiing like that but fortunately, we all made it safely to the end of the day.

Alan, the skiing instructor for the advanced group, regularly praised us for how good we were at skiing and our perseverance.

In the evening we had pizza, played cards and pub games.


We made the most of our last day by…

Having a good lunch at the top of the mountain…

By now we were extremely skilled skiers…

In the evening we had great fun hitting each other on the head with a newspaper if we did not say the right name (good Hungarian game) and playing Chinese whispers…

On our final day, we squeezed in a trip to a restaurant and a spot of shopping and sightseeing…

Now it was time to go home. Bye-bye St. Anton!

NatMatSci’s inaugural trip was a rip-roaring success with many tales of slipping and sliding away on the beautiful snowy slopes of St Anton. See you next year!

By Ms. Warren