I was Head of three of the UK’s academically most successful schools, for a total of 24 years. I became more and more concerned that places at these schools were increasingly not available to overseas students, partly because there were too many applicants but also because schools were only accepting applicants with perfect English, rather than those capable of acquiring perfect English.

Travelling the world in 2011 it also became clear to me that there was a growing demand for a college that specialised unashamedly in STEM subjects — Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology – by putting the best possible students in contact with the best possible teachers, and which existed for students who wished to go to the world’s top universities. The result was the National Mathematics and Science College, a unique concentration of skill and talent with the aim of preparing the world’s best students to read Maths, Science, Medicine and other top professions at the world’s leading universities. As with all the best schools and colleges, its best advertisement is it students and its staff, and I am immensely proud that both of them have turned what was for me just a dream of excellence into such a beautiful and impressive reality.

Dr Martin Stephen
Former High Master, St Paul’s School, The Manchester Grammar School, Headmaster The Perse School