Our students’ parents and guardians are an important part of the wider NMSC family. Their continued support allows the College to continue to develop and grow.
Independent parent reviews can be found on the Good Schools Guide.

Parents of First Year Student – Russia:

We would like to thank all College teachers and staff for creating such a friendly and working climate for gifted and talented students, as well as Sam and Paul Stephenson, who created absolutely home conditions for our daughter’s study and living. We express this appreciation on behalf of Maria as well. We wish the College, its teachers and students a great success in its development and the making of the best Science College in the UK.

We recommend for parents of gifted and talented children who are interested in mathematics and science, just to come to the College and communicate with teachers and staff, visit the host families in which they intend to give their children for living, and make an independent conclusion about whether they want their child to study in the same conditions, in the same creative environment and in the same team in which our daughter studies. The choice is yours!

Parents of Second Year Student – China:
We are really impressed by the facility and infrastructure, more importantly by the passion and professionalism of the teachers and staff.

Mother of Second Year Student – Egypt:
My son is enjoying and cherishing each and every moment he is spending at your esteemed college. He has never felt like a stranger, on the contrary, he is enjoying a warm family atmosphere as well as academically challenging and a very professional learning environment.

Second Year Parent – Latvia:
It was my pleasure to visit your College. Every day my daughter is excited about her studies. I am very proud of her decisions and the big steps she is taking in life. All I have to do is just support her studies and enjoy the results.

Second Year Parent – Latvia:
The apartment is good, especially the location.

Alumni Parent – China:
My daughter was delighted with the life at NMSC. Her confidence has been boosted and she was inspired to achieve higher.

Parents of Second Year Student – Russia:
After starting his studies at the NMSC our son became interested in Chemistry, a subject he did not particularly like or understand at his previous school.
It is our understanding that the teachers have a friendly and trusting attitude towards all students; an attitude which greatly helps to stimulate and motivate our son’s learning.
It seems to us that he finally saw before him a definite goal and meaning to his studies, which he did not have here in Moscow.
Outside of his studies, our son took part in the UK Space design Competition, held at Oxford University, and a recent tour of the British Parliament also left an indelible impression.

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