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Pi Day 1

A tense and tightly fought Pi Day 𝝿 competition for our mathematicians.

The annual Pi-day 𝝿 House Competition took place on 6th March this year at the Wembley of Pi and pie: our brand-new restaurant, The Alchemists.

In groups of 5-7, students were given 40 questions to answer of varying difficulties, ranging from the ‘are you trying to teach granny to suck eggs’ questions to the ‘OMG, I think my head is about to explode!’.

Teams worked collaboratively sharing out the available questions and entering their answers on a Microsoft form aiming to secure as many of the available 60 points as possible.

As always, the atmosphere in the room was ‘electric’, especially those competitors connected to the mains! Students were fully focussed on solving their questions and making sure that they earnt as many points as possible for their House.

A tightly fought competition ensued with the outcome unclear right until the end. All students agreed that the outcome was tense but finally fair, but next year they have requested pie to complement the pi they are attempting. Well done everyone!

The individual groups scored 49 house points each are the following:

Group 4 from Bell-Burnell

Anna T, Dennis, Jason J, Mathew, Sihyeon

Group 15 from Noether

Adrian, Basil, Dayeon, Mark, New, Polina, Vadym

Group 16 from also Noether

Adrianna, Carlson, Egor, Kao-Pan, Mikhail, Ploy, Yejun

Words Tunde Warren, Maths Teacher

Pi Day 2