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Pre A level Programme

Considering Year 11 in the UK – Zoe Haywood chats about the Pre A level Programme and the benefits of a three year route to A levels

We chat to English teacher, Zoe Haywood about our Pre A level Programme – what kind of students join and how the three year approach is a fantastic solution for international students joining the UK system for Year 11; allowing them time to improve their English and practical science skills so they can excel in A Level studies.

We also find out more about Zoe, her love of teaching which has seen her work at the British Council Vietnam, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. We also discover Zoe’s other passion – exploring the English countryside on her motorbike!

Pre A level Programme

”So the Pre A level  course is designed for students who are not quite ready to start on an A level programme. So it allows them the opportunity to explore the different A levels that they could study here, … it’s for students who are maybe slightly weaker in, for example, English, or maybe aren’t sure about what they want to do. And quite often, they’re slightly younger. So they want to get that final year before starting A levels to explore what they’re doing, really”

So for Pre A student, they study all the subjects that the College has to offer in Year One , where they focus on four subjects. This is to give them a taste of everything that they can do in Year One, to help them make an informed decision. They have the same College day as all the other students, they don’t have free periods, like you can in Year One in Year Two, because they’re focusing more on getting a rounded education. So they’ve got maths lessons, English lessons every day. They study three sciences, computer science, economics, so they have six periods a day.”

Zoe, Haywood, English Teacher

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