We have two programmes of study available: a two-year programme, which is designed for students who are prepared to begin their A Level studies when applying to the college, or a three-year programme which allows a foundation year for students to consolidate their knowledge of science, mathematics and English before commencing the A Level programme.

Three Year Programme

The three year programme is designed to prepare students for A level study. It offers specialist support and intensive English language tutoring for students whose second language is English. Students will study GCSE Mathematics and English alongside a pre A level programme of study in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All students are encouraged to enter a range of academic competitions including subject-specific Olympiads and there is full participation in a co-curricular programme.

Two Year Programme

Our two year programme is for students ready for A level study. Students will study Mathematics and Further Mathematics and up to three other A level subjects selected from Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Computing. There are opportunities to enter Olympiad competitions in all academic subjects and there is full participation in a co-curricular programme.

For international students, English language tuition and support through the IELTS programme is a compulsory component of the timetable.

Our entry assessments help to guide our decisions on the best programme of study for each student.

If you are unsure about which programme is right for you, please get in touch.