Reading Review Award

The IELTS class were asked to read a novel in English over their summer holidays (2017). They were given a structure or outline and were allowed to submit a first draft before their final version. The book choices were as follows:

The World of Mr Tompkins by George Gamow                                      Andrew Lu

Currency Wars by James Rickards                                                           Anthony Chen

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee                                                       Gemini Ying

Sword Art Online by Reki Kawahara                                                       Joey Lu

Still Spring by Rachel Carson                                                                  Veritas Chen

Eleven Kinds of Loneliness by Richard Yates                                         Sherry Bi

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger                                 Nina Wang

The Thread by Victoria Hislop                                                                Valentino Liu

The House of Cards Michael Dobbs                                                       Eric Ling

Well done to everyone, you made our job of choosing a winner, extremely difficult. We are pleased to announce that the first prize went to:
Sherry Bi for her review of Eleven Kinds of Loneliness by Richard Yates.
Followed very closely, by Valentino Liu for his review of The Thread by Victoria Hislop.