RSC Young Analyst Competition

Huge congratulations to our two teams who entered the regional heats of the Royal Society of Chemistry Young Analyst Competition! Team one featured William, Gemini and Anthony, while team 2 comprised Joey, Nina and Eric.

The competition is a national affair organised by the RSC for year 12 students who are interested in developing their practical chemistry skills. The competition involves three-hour practical which challenges students’ ability to work carefully, maintain their focus and adhere to high standards of scientific practice when collecting and interpreting their data. The teams finished 6th and 7th respectively, with both teams scoring over 80% of all available marks. For the titration experiment, the teams scored a fantastic 100% and 98% each, and both scored above 90% on the spectroscopic determination.

Again, well done to both teams for their performance and for the confidence that we can gain from knowing that the science of the future is in safe hands.