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Exploring the Final Frontier: Our Students Discover the Real-World Applications of Satellite Engineering from Dr Bill Crofts

As part of our STEM Communication Programme, our Pre A level students attended a talk on satellite engineering by Dr Bill Crofts, the founder of WUSAT, a team of Warwick University students designing and building their own satellites.

The WUSAT’s projects he described, ranging from a satellite for precise animal tracking to the electrical supply system for a European Space Agency’s moon-orbiting satellite, were an excellent demonstration of the practical applications of the skills taught as part of an engineering degree.


Empowering the Next Generation of Engineers: Pre A Level Student Vadim Shares Inspiring Insights from the Satellite Engineering Talk

”The talk offered a number of valuable insights for students interested in pursuing a career or education in satellite engineering and related fields.

For example, Dr Crofts talked about the roles different areas of engineering play in designing a complex integrated system, such as a spacecraft, and recommended considering the career pathway of becoming a systems engineer, which, despite being crucial for managing the communication and collaboration between the various subsystem teams, and ensuring that all aspects of the satellite’s design, testing, and operation are accounted for, is often overlooked.

Dr Crofts also shared some advice on how to be a more attractive candidate when applying for jobs in the industry — seek out opportunities to gain practical experience, such as internships and hands-on projects.

Ultimately, the talk was an excellent opportunity for us to learn more about this exciting and rapidly growing field and how to make a start in it.”


Dr Bill Crofts, Director of the Warwick Satellite Programme