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Year 2 A level Programme students relaxing at the residence

Our Year 2 student Natalija shared her thoughts on NatMatSci life and the transition in sixth form from school student to pre-med student. We are glad she still found time to enjoy some games and relax at the residence!

‘Being a pre-medical student is pretty challenging. You always have something to do: prepare for exams and medical interviews, choose universities etc. However, if you are doing it with joy, it seems as an adventure!At this stage you realize that you are not a child anymore: you have responsibilities, deadlines, plans and aims. But to be honest, I quite like this routine.

If you know your strengths and weaknesses you can choose the right career path. My advice is to start preparing for BMAT/UCAT asap as it requires practice. Do not worry because if anything goes wrong, there will be a solution. Follow your heart and enjoy the process of becoming a true Uni-student. ❣️

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