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Mathematician and college sports pioneer Dan tells us why he finds NatMatSci such a special place and shares the joys of getting beaten at table tennis by his students!

In our latest podcast we catch up with Dan Knowles from our Maths Department who tells us how he came to teach at NatMatSci and why he enjoys teaching at a specialist sixth form. We chat to Dan about the sports and fitness facilities available for students at the college.

So we have a few different options available for for the students to take part in sport at the College, we’ve got well, the most obvious thing is table tennis, always available in the common room for any kind of break or lunch or free period. And the students often take great joy in beating me at table tennis every now and then.  

So on a Tuesday, they’ve got the choice of badminton or football every single week, and that’s at the sports centre, about a five minute walk away around the corner. And then on Fridays, we go to the same sports centre and play basketball. So they’re the main sports opportunities. Next term in the summer, we will also introduce ultimate frisbee… the students also all have a gym membership. For the gym, that’s just five minutes away, they can have access to the gym there and the swimming pool and all the facilities.

Dan Knowles, Maths Teacher

Tune in here for the full podcast now :

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Ultimate Frisbee with Dan Knowles