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Our students will develop the key skills needed to be effective communicators and leaders in STEM

These key skills will help our students not only to become great scientists and mathematicians in their own right, but to be able to use this information to lead others by effectively communicating their knowledge with others in a range of ways.

The STEM Communication Programme spans 4 terms from September of Year 1 A level Programme through until January of the Year 2 A level Programme. Over the course of the programme, students will participate in lectures, seminars and workshops delivered by a combination of NatMatSci staff and outside speakers and produce written and spoken content both individually and as part of a group.

The aims of the programme:

> introduce all students to established methods of communication in STEM including academic research and public engagement
> develop students’ English communication skills; both general and STEM- specific
> provide challenge for all students through a differentiated super- curricular programme
> produce content in-line with the College’s standing as a national beacon for STEM
> establish partnerships with academics and industry professionals

Students will get the opportunity to do individual and paired research projects, a formal written research paper written in LaTeX, a viva, peer review of the research and produce a TikTok style video. There will also be a series of lectures on the nature of research in different fields such as:

Prof. Michael O’Toole (Engineering, The University of Manchester)

Dr Richard Diaz (NICE)

Dr Richard Lissaman (Mathematics, The University of Warwick)

Dr Jeffrey C Barret (Genetics, Nightingale)

Prof. Jeremy Smith (Economics, The University of Warwick)

Prof. Max Van Kleek (Computer Science, The University of Oxford)

To find out more about our innovative programme, download our information booklet here or if you have any questions about our courses, please contact us